VMware provides a default set of policy files (snapvol.cfg) and script files with the App Volumes Agent. These files reside in the base virtual machine. If you want to add custom policies, a Custom folder must be created. This information helps you understand the Default and Custom folders.


The policy and script files in the Default folder are factory-shipped and get installed with the App Volumes Agent. These files are located in the base virtual machine at %SVAgent%\Config\Default.

Important: Default policy ( snapvol.cfg) and script files must not be modified. These files are overwritten during the App Volumes Agent upgrade.


To create custom policy files and scripts, a Custom folder is required. This Custom folder must be created in the App Volumes Agent installation folder at %SVAgent%\Config\. Customization of any policy and script files are applicable to all attached volumes.

Custom folder can also be created on an application package during application capture or application update.

Policy and script files in the Custom folder are preserved during an App Volumes Agent upgrade.

The following table shows the Custom folder structure containing the policy and script files:
Folders Description
\Custom custom policies with global scope that apply to all volumes attached
\Custom\system custom policies applicable to System Writable Volume
\Custom\provisioning custom policies applicable during App packaging
\Custom\app custom policies applicable to all App packages

virtualize and virtualize_registry policy rules are not supported in the Custom policies.