In VHD In-Guest Operation mode, sometimes when instant-clone desktops are deleted, the application packages and Writable Volumes attached to these desktops are not removed from App Volumes Manager. This prevents future user logins to new instant-clone desktops.

The issue occurs when App Volumes Manager is unavailable and at the same time an instant-clone desktop sends a request to App Volumes Manager during a user logout or computer shutdown. By the time App Volumes Manager comes online, the desktops are deleted and new desktops are created. As a result, App Volumes Manager does not receive these requests.

So, the volume attachments and online desktop entries in the App Volumes Manager database do not get updated and the application packages and Writable Volumes continue to appear as attached to the deleted desktops. This prevents future login of users to newly created instant-clone desktops and the following error is displayed to the end user: You may be logged in more than once. please try logging in again , or contact administrator. Virtualization is disabled.


Blocked entries must be removed from the snapvol_attachments table present in the configured database.
Note: The deleted desktops might still be listed in the DIRECTORY > Online tab of the App Volumes Manager UI. However, the listed entries do not affect the App Volumes Manager operations.