You can view background jobs, system activity, server logs, and error messages, and create and download troubleshooting log files from the ACTIVITY tab in App Volumes Manager.

The ACTIVITY tab consists of the following subcategories:

  • Pending Actions - Displays a list of actions waiting to be performed. The actions are processed in the background and are completed in the order they are submitted. Select the Auto Refresh box to automatically show the latest list of actions.
  • Jobs - Displays a list of background jobs running in App Volumes Manager . Jobs run automatically at scheduled intervals. Users can configure these intervals.
  • Activity Log - Displays information about user logins, computer power-ups, and volume attachments. System messages include messages and errors generated from internal events such as polling for domain controllers, Active Directory access, and so on.
  • System Messages - Displays messages and errors generated from internal events such as volume attachment, Active Directory access, and so on.

    If the administrator has opted to continue with application mounting despite a Writable Volume conflict, a warning message is displayed under System Messages, during AppStack for example.

  • Server Log - Shows the end of the current log file with the option to refresh in real time. Click Play to view the logs in real time.
  • Troubleshooting Archives - Archive and manage configuration settings and logs. You can create, download, and delete the archives.