If you want to immediately trigger a synchronization operation and not wait for the background job for synchronization to run at the scheduled interval, you can use the initiate synchronization functionality on the source App Volumes instance either for a specific target instance or for all target instances.

The option to synchronize all the targets is available only when there is at least one active target instance.

This capability can be helpful in scenarios where there is a network failure and synchronizatio has not occurred for a while or when you have added a package on the source App Volumes instance, imported the package to the target instance, and want to immediately synchronize the package properties to the source instance.

Note: You cannot manually trigger a synchronization operation for a source instance from the target.


Ensure that the target App Volumes instance is reachable from the source App Volumes instance.


  1. Log into the App Volumes Manager admin UI of a source App Volumes instance.
  2. Navigate to INVENTORY > Instances.
  3. Depending your use case, perform one of the following:
    Option Action
    Synchronize all active target instances
    1. On the App Volumes Instances page, click Synchronize Targets.
    2. On the Confirm synchronization of all target instances dialog box, click Synchronize All Targets.

      Relevant applications and packages from the source instance are synchronized to all active target instances. If markers and assignments synchronization control settings are activated, markers and assignments are also synchronized to the target instances.

    Synchronize a specific target
    1. In the Related Instances section, select the target instance for which you want to trigger the synchronization operation.
    2. Click Synchronize.

      Relevant applications and packages from the source App Volumes instance are synchronized to the target instance.

      Marker and assignment are synchronized to the target instance depending on whether the respective control setting is activated.

What to do next

  • If you want to monitor the synchronization status, navigate to the Applications summary page or the application detail page on the source App Volumes instance. Observe the Synchronization Status information field for the desired application or all relevant applications that are synchronized to the targets.
  • If you want to ensure that the right number of relevant applications, packages, markers, and assignments are synchronized to the targets, navigate to the App Volumes Instances page on the source App Volumes instance. In the Related Instance section, observe the Sync Count information field for the target instances.

For more information about these fields, see Monitor App Volumes Synchronization Operations.