On the App Volumes Instances page of a source instance, you can manage every target instance which is registered with the source. Operations such as edit, synchronize, remove, accept the certificate for the target, and so on, can be performed from the source itself.

You can also edit the name and secure address of the source instance that you have logged into.

Related Instances

On the App Volumes Instances page, every instance has a Related Instances section which lists all the source and target instances for this instance (that you have logged into). The section displays information such as instance name, hostname, type (source or target), status, sync count, and last synchronized timestamp for each listed instance. Some of the information fields can be used for monitoring purposes. See Monitor App Volumes Synchronization Operations.

This section also displays the status of control settings such as Synchronize Markers, Synchronize Assignments, Application Package Import, and so on, which are available when registering an instance. Some of the control settings can be changed by editing an instance. For more information about the control settings, see Register an App Volumes Instance as a Target.

In addition to displaying information, each instance can be managed from this section by using functionalities such as Edit, Synchronize, Certificate, and so on.