If an application package marked as CURRENT is no longer the latest version, you can remove the CURRENT marker on the package using the Unset CURRENT functionality. If you set the CURRENT marker on another package, then the CURRENT marker is automatically unset from the earlier package.

An application can have only one package marked as CURRENT.

When a CURRENT marker is removed from a package, the entities which have the assignment type as Marker stop receiving the CURRENT package.

If this package is in a synchronization relationship with a package on a source instance and the marker synchronization setting is activated on the source, you cannot perform the Unset CURRENT operation for this package from this instance. The unset marker operation is deactivated on this instance (target) and can be performed only from the source instance by using the Manage Source button.

For more information about the manage source feature, see Manage a Synchronized App Volumes Application at the Source. For information about marker synchronization criteria, see Criteria for Application Synchronization.


  1. From App Volumes Manager, go to INVENTORY > Packages.
  2. Click the package marked as CURRENT.
  3. On the Packages page, click Unset CURRENT.

    If this package is delivered as a VMware Horizon published application, removing the CURRENT marker on the package results in the user not receiving the application from VMware Horizon Client.

    For more information about how an App Volumes application is delivered as a published application on demand, see Configure Horizon 8 for Published Applications Delivery section in the Windows Desktops and Applications in Horizon documentation at VMware Docs.