The DIRECTORY tab lists Active Directory entities such as Users, Computers, Groups, and OUs (Organizational Units). An entity can be available for both App Volumes 4.0 Agent and App Volumes 2.x Agent. You can use the Entity page to view information such as packages attached to an entity, Applications and Appstacks assigned to the entity, and 2.x and 4.0 Writable Volumes created for the entity.

Note: AppStacks and Writable Volumes (2. x) can be created only by using App Volumes Agent 2. x and uploading the appropriate templates. Any information related to these volumes can be viewed only when the VOLUMES (2.X) tab is visible in the App Volumes Manager UI. If you have installed the latest version of App Volumes Manager and want to explore App Volumes 2. x, see Perform App Volumes 2.x Management Tasks.

If a User (entity) is assigned Applications or AppStacks and has both 4.0 Writable Volumes and 2.x and 4.0 Writable Volumes, then you can view the list of Application Assignments, AppStack Assignments, Writable Volumes (for 4.0) and Writable Volumes (2.x) on the Entity details page.

You can also view information about the entity such as entity name, entity login information, entity status, and so on.

The DIRECTORY tab also provides information about Active Directory entities that are online.