You can configure SVdriver with registry keys and optionally by configuring the values in the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\svdriver\Parameters registry key.

Configure SVdriver with the following registry keys:

Registry Key Type Description
LogFileSizeInKB REG_DWORD Configure the size of the log file before rotating the log file. The default value is 51200 (50 MB).
ReorderTimeOutInSeconds REG_DWORD Configure the wait time for all volumes to be attached and processed based on Order Precedence set from within App Volumes Manager. The timeout is defined in seconds.
MinimizeReplication REG_DWORD Configure how changes are preserved in a writable volume. If this value is 1, only changes to data are preserved in a writable volume. If this value is 0, changes to data and file attributes (hidden, Read Only, and so on) permissions are preserved in writable volume.
EnableShortFileName REG_DWORD For legacy AppStacks created earlier than App Volumes 2.3, set this parameter to 0 to disable DOS short names.
EnableRegValueMerging REG_DWORD If this value is 1, merge certain registry values such as AppInitDlls across volumes. This action is additive across the volumes.
DriveLetterSettings REG_DWORD The value for DriveLetterSettings is in a hexadecimal format, and any number of flags might be combined to implement multiple parameters.