Available provider services

This is a non-inclusive list of provider resources and associated services to to demonstrate what VMware Aria Automation for Secure Clouds can monitor for the under supported cloud providers. Contact your CloudHealth Success representative for questions about support for specific resources not listed here.

For a full list of resources available to you, check out the resource models feature in the Explore tab.





Amazon Athena

Amazon API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway v2

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch Logs

Amazon Cognito

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon EC2 - Elastic IP

Amazon EC2 - Flow logs

Amazon EC2 - Image

Amazon EC2 - Instance

Amazon EC2 - Internet Gateway

Amazon EC2 - Key Pair

Amazon EC2 - NAT Gateway

Amazon EC2 - Network ACL

Amazon EC2 - Network Interface

Amazon EC2 - Route Table

Amazon EC2 - Security Group

Amazon EC2 - Snapshot

Amazon EC2 - Subnet

Amazon EC2 - Transit Gateway

Amazon EC2 - Volume

Amazon EC2 - VPC

Amazon EC2 - VPC Endpoint

Amazon EC2 - VPC Peering Connection

Amazon EC2 - Egress Only Internet Gateway

Amazon ECR

Amazon ECS

Amazon EFS

Amazon EKS

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose

Amazon OpenSearch

Amazon RDS

Amazon RedShift

Amazon Route53

Amazon S3

Amazon SNS

Amazon SQS

Amazon WorkSpaces

AWS Auto Scaling

AWS Certificate Manager

AWS Config

AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudTrail

AWS Elastic Beanstalk


AWS IAM Access Analyzer


AWS Lambda

AWS SageMaker

AWS Secrets Manager

AWS Systems Manager


Classic Load Balancer

Elastic Load Balancing

Application Gateway

App Service



Azure Active Directory

Azure Database for MySQL

Azure Cache for Redis

Azure Content Delivery Network

Azure Container Instances

Azure Container Registry

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Azure DNS

Azure Front Door

Azure Functions

Azure HDInsight

Azure Kubernetes Service

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Monitor

Azure Resource Manager

Azure SQL

Azure Subscription

Azure Virtual Network

Azure VMware Solution

Azure Web Application Firewall

Compute - Availability Set

Compute - Disk

Compute - Proximity Placement Group

Compute - Virtual Machine

Compute - Virtual Machine Scale Set

Event Hubs

Key Vault

Managed Identity

Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Network – Application Gateway

Network – Express Route Circuit

Network – Express Route Port

Network – Express Route Service Provider

Network - Firewall

Network - Load Balancer

Network – Local Network Gateway

Network - NAT Gateway

Network - Network Interface

Network - Network Security Group

Network - Network Watcher

Network - Public IP Address

Network - Public IP Prefix

Network – Route Filter

Network - Route Table

Network - Virtual Network

Network - Virtual Network Gateway

Network - Virtual Network Gateway Connection


Traffic Manager



Cloud Bigtable

Cloud Functions

Cloud Key Management

Cloud Logging

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Run

Cloud Spanner

Cloud SQL

Cloud Storage

Compute Engine - Backend Bucket

Compute Engine - Backend Service

Compute Engine - Compute Project

Compute Engine - Disk

Compute Engine - External IP Address

Compute Engine - Firewall

Compute Engine - Forwarding Rule

Compute Engine - Image

Compute Engine - Instance

Compute Engine - Instance Group

Compute Engine - Instance Template

Compute Engine - Network

Compute Engine - Security Policy

Compute Engine - Snapshot

Compute Engine - SSL Policy

Compute Engine - Subnetwork

Compute Engine - Target HTTP Proxy

Compute Engine - Target HTTPS Proxy

Compute Engine - Target Pool

Compute Engine - URL Map

Compute Engine – VPN Gateway

Compute Engine – VPN Tunnel

Cloud DNS

Google Kubernetes Engine

Identity and Access Management

Resource Manager

Secret Manager

Service Usage






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