You add a project and configure its parameters by running a Automation Orchestrator workflow.



  1. Log in to the Automation Orchestrator Client as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Library > Workflows and enter the projects tag in the workflow search box.
  3. Locate Create Project workflow and click Run.
  4. On the Summary tab, select the VMware Aria Automation host for which you want to configure a project, and enter a name for the project.
  5. On the Provisioning: Zones tab, add one or more cloud zones.
    1. Configure the cloud zone properties.
    2. Select a placement policy.
  6. Go to the Provisioning: Resource Tags & Constraints tab, add tags and constraints for your project.
  7. Go to the Provisioning: Custom Properties, Custom Naming & Request Timeout tab.
    1. Add custom properties that you want added to all requests in the project.
    2. Specify the naming template for machines, networks, security groups, and disks in the project.
    3. If the workloads requested for this project take more than two hours to deploy, enter a longer value for the Timeout. The default value is 2 hours.
  8. Click Run.


You have added a project.