This guide describes how to monitor and manage critical infrastructure and user management aspects of a VMware Aria Automation deployment.

The tasks described herein are vital to keeping a VMware Aria Automation deployment operating appropriately. These tasks include user and group management, and monitoring system logs.

In addition, it describes how to configure and manage multi-organization deployments.

While some VMware Aria Automation administration tasks are completed from within VMware Aria Automation, others require the use of related products such as VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle and Workspace ONE Access. Users should familiarize themselves with these products and their functionality before completing applicable tasks.

For example, for information about backup, restore, and disaster recovery, see the Backup and Restore, and Disaster Recovery > 2019 section of vRealize Suite product documentation.
Note: Disaster recovery is supported in VMware Aria Automation.

For information about working with VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle installation, upgrade, and management, see VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle product documentation.