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What is vRealize Suite

VMware vRealize™ Suite is a purpose-built management solution for the heterogeneous data center and the hybrid cloud. It is designed to deliver and manage infrastructure and applications to increase business agility while maintaining IT control. It provides the most comprehensive management stack for private and public clouds, multiple hypervisors, and physical infrastructure.

To automate installation, configuration, upgrade, patch, configuration management, drift remediation and health from within a single pane of glass, you can use vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. If you are a new user, click here to install vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. This provides the IT Managers or Cloud admin resources to focus on business-critical initiatives, while improving time to value (TTV), reliability and consistency.

Other Resources

If you want to learn more about what VMware vRealize™ Suite does and how it can help you purpose of purchasing this product, visit the vRealize Suite product page. For more information to use vRealize Suite Product, try our hands on lab (HOL).