Automation Assembler provides a set of event topics that correspond to typical actions related to Kubernetes cluster and namespace deployment. Users can subscribe to these topics as desired, and they will run at the appropriate time. Users receive notification when the event related to the subscribed topic occurs. You can also configure vRO workflows to run based on event notifications.

The following topics are available for subscription on the Extensibility > Library > Event Topics page in Automation Assembler. To view these topics, search for Kubernetes in the Event Topics Search text box.

  • Kubernetes cluster allocation
  • Kubernetes cluster post provision
  • Kubernetes cluster post removal
  • Kubernetes cluster provision
  • Kubernetes cluster removal
  • Kubernetes namespace allocation
  • Kubernetes namespace post provision
  • Kubernetes namespace post removal
  • Kubernetes namespace removal
  • Kubernetes namespace allocation
  • Kubernetes supervisor namespace allocation
  • Kubernetes supervisor namespace post provision
  • Kubernetes supervisor namespace post removal
  • Kubernetes supervisor namespace removal
  • Kubernetes supervisor namespace allocation

Click one of the topics to view the schema for that topic which shows all the information that is collected and transmitted. There are namespace topics for both Kubernetes namespaces and supervisor namespaces. You can use any of this schema information to set up various notifications and management and reporting tasks.

You can set up action scripts for CMX-related actions on the Extensibility > Library > Actions page. Action scripts can be used for various purposes: for example, to create a DNS record of Kubernetes cluster provisioning. If you are creating a DNS record, you can use the masternodeips field from the Kubernetes cluster post provision topic with a REST command in an Action script to create a DNS record.

The Subscriptions page defines the relationship between the event topics and action scripts. You can view and manage these components on the Subscriptions page in Automation Assembler

See the Automation Assembler extensibility documentation at Extending and automating application life cycles with extensibility for more information.