VMware Aria Automation is an automation platform where you build and manage modern applications.

Depending on your user role, you use different components, or services, of VMware Aria Automation for your automation tasks.

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What is Automation Assembler

You use VMware Aria Automation Assembler to create and deploy machines, applications, and services to your cloud infrastructure.

As a cloud administrator, you can:
  • Configure the cloud vendor infrastructure to which your users deploy their cloud templates.
  • Set up projects to link the service users with the infrastructure resources.
  • Delegate the user management and deployment infrastructure to project managers, freeing you up to focus on your cloud resources.
As a cloud template developer, you can:
  • Create and iterate on templates until they meet your development needs.
  • Deploy templates to the supporting cloud vendors based on your project membership.
  • Manage the deployed resources throughout the development life cycle.

What is Automation Service Broker

VMware Aria Automation Service Broker provides a single point where you can request and manage catalog items.

As a cloud administrator, you create catalog items by importing released Automation Assembler templates and Amazon Web Services CloudFormation templates that your users can deploy to your cloud vendor regions or datastores.

As a user, you can request and monitor the provisioning process. After deployment, you manage the deployed catalog items throughout the deployment lifecycle.

What is Automation Pipelines

VMware Aria Automation Pipelines is continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD) software that supports deploying monolithic legacy applications, and uses Docker containers and Kubernetes containers running on multiple clouds.

With Automation Pipelines, you create pipelines that automate your entire DevOps lifecycle while using existing development tools such as Git and Jenkins.

Automation Pipelines simplifies the ability to build, test, and deploy your applications, and increases your productivity as you release source code from the development repository, through testing, to production. Automation Pipelines supports custom and commercial applications, and objects such as Templates in Automation Assembler.

What is Automation Config

VMware Aria Automation Config helps your team automate common infrastructure administration tasks and ensures that all the components of your infrastructure are operating in a consistent desired state.

Automation Config is pluggable and plays well with many existing technologies. You don't have to refactor all of your existing configuration management systems to use Automation Config. It can react to the output codes and information from third-party tools to manage the entire machine life cycle.

For more information about setting up Automation Config, see Getting Started with Automation Config.