In this step, you define a VMware Aria Automation project that can be used to control which resources are available for VMware Cloud on AWS deployments.

Note: This procedure is not necessary if you created your VMware Cloud on AWS cloud account by using the procedure described in Create a VMware Cloud on AWS cloud account in VMware Aria Automation for an SDDC within a US region. That procedure creates a project for you.

For information about projects, see How do Automation Assembler projects work at deployment time.

Unless otherwise indicated, the step values that you enter in this procedure are for this example workflow only.



  1. Select Infrastructure > Administration > Projects.
  2. Click New Project and enter the project name VMC_proj-1_abz.
  3. Click Users and click Add Users.

    The users need CloudAdmin credentials to their organization's VMware Cloud on AWS subscription.

    •, Administrator
    •, Member
  4. Click Provisioning and then click Add Cloud Zone.
  5. Add the cloud zone that you configured in the earlier step.
    Setting Sample Value
    Cloud zone VMC_cloud_zone-1

    You created this cloud zone in the earlier step, Create a cloud zone for VMware Cloud on AWS deployments in VMware Aria Automation.

    Provisioning priority 1
    Instances limit 3
  6. For this example, ignore the other options.

What to do next

Create a cloud template to deploy in your VMware Cloud on AWS environment. See Define a vCenter machine resource in a cloud template design to support VMware Cloud on AWS deployment in VMware Aria Automation.