The Cloud Consumption Interface (CCI) enables DevOps users to work with vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Namespaces and associated services to deliver simple, self-service consumption of Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure resources for VMware Cloud environments.

Note: As of April 2023, the Cloud Consumption Interface functionality is available upon request. Contact your VMware representative for more information.

CCI is a flexible VMware Aria Automation-based feature set that enables consumers to rapidly create and consume cloud native and traditional IT infrastructure resources. It aggregates and exposes Supervisor DevOps services from across vSphere infrastructure into a common endpoint.

A vSphere+ cloud administrator can activate the Developer Experience service in vSphere+ to grant users access to the Cloud Consumption Interface (CCI) in Automation Service Broker. Designated users receive access to CCI according to the configuration defined by their administrator. Administrators can also use the CCI commnand line interface to set up infrastructure, such as regions, and to configure user access.

When activated, CCI enables users to create Supervisor Namespaces and to consume DevOps services such as the virtual machine service, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service, volume service and network service. CCI uses wizards that guide you through the process of using services to create virtual machines, and other resources. When you work with services, CCI automatically generates Kubernetes YAML that you can use to create IaaS resources using the command line or download and save to a suitable repository.