Learn about the various options that are available to you in your VMware Aria Automation trial.

All of the functionality that is available in VMware Aria Automation is available in the VMware Aria Automation trial. As a trial user, you enjoy the added benefit of having a starter set of VMware Aria Automation objects, and a complete user and organization configuration, created for you automatically. VMware Aria Automation objects are generated during the trial activation process using resources that are data collected from your source VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.

When you open your VMware Aria Automation trial, you can choose to work in any of the VMware Aria Automation services.
  • Use the Automation Consumption service to experiment with your starter catalog item, otherwise called a deployment.
  • Use the Automation Assembler service to experiment with infrastructure elements such as flavor and image mappings, cloud accounts, projects, and zones. You also use the service to define and modify cloud templates and generate deployments.
  • Use the Automation Pipelines service to build new pipelines in your DevOps lifecycle.

    While the trial activation process creates starter elements in the Automation Consumption and Automation Assembler services, it does not create starter elements in the Automation Pipelines service.

    Note that the agent needed to create Automation Pipelines objects in the trial is not installed as part of the trial activation process.

    To create and use Automation Pipelines objects in the trial, see Automation Pipelines publications in VMware Aria Automation product documentation.

You can move between the services by using the service selector in the active service.

For more information about the services that comprise VMware Aria Automation, see VMware Aria Automation product documentation.

For an overview of VMware Aria Automation, including introductory information and links to video, FAQs, and other content, see the VMware Aria Automation product page.