Welcome to VMware Aria® Automation™ documentation for the SaaS and the on-premises versions of the product. Learn how you can provide a secure portal where authorized administrators, developers, or business users can request new IT services. Manage your cloud and IT resources while ensuring compliance with business policies.

Get started by designing deployable infrastructure and applications, and provide the common service catalog where requests are processed. Then, plan and deliver a CI/CD build and pipeline.

Note: VMware has announced the End of Availability (EoA) of the VMware Aria SaaS services including VMware Aria Automation SaaS, as of February 2024. VMware will continue to support customers currently using VMware Aria SaaS services until the end of their subscription term. See VMware End Of Availability of Perpetual Licensing and SaaS Services.

Switching between SaaS and on-prem documentation

You can find all VMware Aria Automation documentation for cloud and on-prem here. Feel free to access the guides on the left, use the search option at the top, or go directly to publications in the tables below.

To access the documentation for your SaaS or on-premises product version, use the version selector on each topic.

For example, to switch from SaaS documentation, click SaaS in the Selected product version drop-down menu at the top of a topic and choose a product version such as 8.12.


For on-premises version 8.11 and earlier product documentation, see the vRealize Automation Documentation landing page.

Getting started with VMware Aria Automation

Use the links in the navigation to the left to access release notes and usage documentation for the main VMware Aria Automation services. Use the links below to access guides for SaaS and on-prem versions of the documentation, including installation guides for on-prem products.

Shared between SaaS and on-prem SaaS only On-prem only More resources
VMware product interoperability matrix VMware Aria Automation Transition Guide VMware Aria Automation Support Matrix VMware Hands On Labs (HOLS)
VMware Aria Automation Plug-in Quick VMware Aria Automation setup for VMware Cloud on AWS Installing VMware Aria Automation with Easy Installer VMware Aria Automation blogs and videos
Creating and deploying a provider-specific IPAM integration package Understanding the VMware Cloud services cloud proxy Installing and Configuring Automation Config VMware Aria Automation product page
VMware Cloud Services Installing and Configuring Automation Orchestrator VMware Aria Automation community forum
Upgrading Automation Orchestrator VMware Aria Automation Assembler tutorials
Developing Workflows with Automation Orchestrator VMware Aria Automation Pipelines tutorials
Automation Orchestrator REST API Guide
Administering VMware Aria Automation VMware Customer Connect Learning
VMware Aria Automation Transition Guide Modern Apps and Cloud Management Tech Zone
VMware Aria Automation Extensibility Migration Guide VMware Aria Suite
NSX-V to NSX-T Migration Guide
Load Balancing Guide
Reference Architecture Guide
If you’re already running VMware Aria Automation, the in-product user assistance is also helpful.
  • Use signpost help in the product display screens to learn about a setting.
  • Use the contextual help panel to get more information about a feature or configuration process.
  • Use the contextual links or search option to locate information about a feature or process in this documentation set while you are working in VMware Aria Automation.

VMware Aria Automation APIs and CLI

VMware Aria Automation includes tools and APIs that are intended for administrators and programmers who want to configure and manage VMware Aria Automation outside of the UI. To use the tools and APIs, refer to the documentation.

Programming Guide VMware Aria Automation API Reference On-premises CLI

The Programming Guide provides common use cases including sample requests and responses.

The VMware Aria Automation API Reference includes OpenAPI files for all REST API service calls.

How you access the API reference depends on the VMware Aria Automation version you use.

On-premises versions of Automation include the vracli tool to perform administration and troubleshooting tasks from the command line.

To use vracli, connect to the VMware Aria Automation appliance using SSH and log in as the root user. For information on vracli commands, type vracli -h.