Before you can use Automation for Secure Hosts you must ensure these prerequisites are met.

Apply a DLF license

The DLF .license is the encrypted Automation Config Enterprise (RaaS) license. Conversely, Automation Config also supports a _license for VMware 4x4 license keys that you can obtain through Customer Connect.

Note: If you are using the RaaS/.license, it is recommended to switch to the _license. This only applies to former SSE users.
When installing Automation for Secure Hosts without using VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle, you must apply a DLF license in addition to your Automation for Secure Hosts license.
  1. Create a file named vra_license in /etc/raas.
  2. Edit the /etc/rass/vra_license file and add your Secure Hosts key.
  3. Save the vra_license file.
  4. Run chown raas:raas vra_license
  5. Run systemctl restart raas.