The Software Development Kit (SDK) for Automation Orchestrator plug-ins is a set of libraries and Maven archetypes. It is the recommended way of developing plug-ins for Automation Orchestrator. The Plug-in SDK provides a collection of interfaces for communicating with the Automation Orchestrator platform and accessing different platform services.

Where can I access the Automation Orchestrator Plug-in SDK

The Plug-in SDK is decoupled from the Automation Orchestrator platform. You must download and install the Plug-in SDK on your machine. See Download and install the Automation Orchestrator Plug-in SDK.
Note: The Plug-in SDK comes bundled as a ZIP package. After unzipping the package, you can find additional installation information in the file in the SDK archive.

Can I use Maven packages that are internal to Automation Orchestrator and are not part of the SDK

Using Automation Orchestrator libraries that are not part of the SDK is not recommended. Such libraries can change frequently and compatibility with your plug-in cannot be guaranteed.

Automation Orchestrator Plug-in SDK Services



Configuration Stores data as configuration elements, such as host names, credentials, and others.
SSL Provides read access to the Trust store of the platform.
Scripting object contributor Makes possible for a plug-in to register scripting objects at runtime.
Cipher Encrypts and decrypts strings.