You can upgrade your current VMware Aria Operations for Logs environment to a later version by following the correct upgrade path.

To download the PAK files for VMware Aria Operations for Logs, go to the Download VMware Aria Operations for Logs page.


You must upgrade VMware Aria Operations for Logs from the FQDN of the primary node. You cannot upgrade VMware Aria Operations for Logs using the Integrated Load Balancer IP address.

During the upgrade process, the primary node is upgraded first, and restarted. Each of the cluster nodes is upgraded sequentially. You can see the status of the rolling upgrade on the Management > Cluster page.

If the integrated load balancer is configured, its IPs are migrated among the cluster nodes so cluster services, including UI, API, and ingestion of incoming events, remain available throughout the rolling upgrade. Low-level details are written to the file /storage/core/loginsight/var/upgrade.log on each individual node. A system notification is sent when the upgrade finishes successfully.

After a successful upgrade, all nodes are placed in the connected state and are in the online mode even if they were in maintenance mode before the upgrade.