Content packs contain dashboards, extracted fields, saved queries, and alerts that are related to a specific product or set of logs. You can enable or deactivate a content pack, export or import a content pack, and remove a content pack.

To view the content packs that are loaded on your system, expand the main menu and select Content Packs.

Content packs are categorized into tabs as Public and Private. Public content packs are provided by VMware and third-party partners and are already installed. Private content packs are provided by external sources and you need to install them.

You can view content packs that have one or more enabled versions on the Enabled tab.

All tabs display only one version of each content pack. To select a different version, in the content pack card, click the version drop-down menu and select the desired version. The absence of a version drop-down menu indicates that the content pack has only one version.

To view the details of a content pack, locate the content pack on a tab in the Content Packs page. You can use the search functionailty to find the content pack. In the content pack card, optionally select a version and click Details. The information for the selected version of the content pack is displayed in the following subtabs:

Detailed information about the content pack.
The list of dashboards in the content pack. Click each dashboard to view it on the Content Pack Dashboards tab of the Dashboards page. Click each widget in the dashboard to view the query associated with the widget in the Explore Logs page.
The list of queries in the content pack. Click each query to view the query details in the Explore Logs page.
The list of alerts in the content pack. Click each alert to view the alert details in the Alert Definitions page.
Agent Groups
The list of VMware Aria Operations for Logs Agent configurations in the content pack.
Extracted Fields
The list of extracted fields in the content pack. Click each extracted field to view the query to which the field is added in the Explore Logs page.
Note: Content pack dashboards are read-only. You cannot delete or rename them. However, you can clone content pack dashboards to your custom dashboard.