In VMware Aria Operations for Networks, you can configure a netflow collector for Cisco 9000 series switches.

Here are some of the sample device commands for Cisco Nexus 9000:

  1. To enable the NetFlow feature

    configure terminal

    feature netflow


  2. To create flow record

    configure terminal

    flow record vrni-record

    match ipv4 protocol

    match ipv4 source address

    match ipv4 destination address

    match transport source-port

    match transport destination-port

    match interface input

    collect transport tcp flags

    collect counter bytes

    collect counter packets

    collect timestamp sys-uptime first

    collect timestamp sys-uptime last


  3. To create flow exporter

    configure terminal

    flow exporter vrni-exporter

    destination <PROXY_IP>

    transport udp 2055

    version 9

    source <INTERFACE_NAME>


  4. To create the flow monitor for each interface

    configure terminal

    flow monitor vrni-monitor

    record vrni-record

    exporter vrni-exporter


  5. To configure timeouts

    configure terminal

    cache timeout inactive 30

    cache timeout active 60


  6. To configure the flow monitor for each interface on the ingress mode and the egress mode or at least the ingress mode

    configure terminal

    interface <INTERFACE_NAME>

    ip flow monitor vrni-monitor input