In VMware Aria Operations for Networks, you can configure physical devices manually to send the NetFlow information to the VMware Aria Operations for Networks NetFlow collector.

To configure most of the physical devices, perform the following steps:
  1. Create a flow record.
    The required fields for a flow record are:
    • Mark the following fields as Match.
      • ipv4 protocol

      • ipv4 source address

      • ipv4 destination address

      • transport source-port

      • transport destination-port

      • interface input

    • Mark the following fields as Collect.
      • direction

      • counter bytes

      • counter packets

      • timestamp sys-uptime first

      • timestamp sys-uptime last

    • Mark the following field as Match or Collect. If not, skip it.
      • transport tcp flags
  2. Create a flow exporter.
    • Provide VMware Aria Operations for Networks NetFlow collector IP and port 2055.
  3. Configure the flow cache as follows:
    • Active timeout: 30 seconds
    • Inactive timeout: 60 seconds
  4. Create the flow monitor using the created flow record and flow exporter.
  5. Configure the monitor on each interface.


The sample steps to configure the physical devices are provided in the following sections:
Note: The steps may vary from version to version and device to device.