VMware Aria Operations includes several predefined object tags. It creates values for most of these tags and assigns objects to the values.

For example, when you add an object, the system assigns it to the tag value for the collector it uses and the kind of object that it is. VMware Aria Operations creates tag values if they do not already exist.

If a predefined tag has no values, there is no object of that tag type. For example, if no applications are defined, the applications tag has no tag values.

Each tag value appears with the number of objects that have that tag. Tag values that have no objects appear with the value zero. You cannot delete the predefined tags or tag values.

Table 1. Predefined Tags
Tag Description
Collectors (Full Set) Each defined collector is a tag value. Each object is assigned to the tag value for the collector that it uses when you add the object to VMware Aria Operations. The default collector is VMware Aria Operations Collector.
Applications (Full Set) Each defined application is a tag value. When you add a tier to an application, or an object to a tier in an application, the tier is assigned to that tag value.
Maintenance Schedules (Full Set) Each defined maintenance schedule is a tag value, and objects are assigned to the value when you give them a schedule by adding or editing them.
Adapter Types Each adapter type is a tag value, and each object that uses that adapter type is given the tag value.
Adapter Instances Each adapter instance is a tag value, and each object is assigned the tag value for the adapter instance or instances through which its metrics are collected.
Object Types Each type of object is a tag value, and each object is assigned to the tag value for its type when you add the object.
Recently Added Objects The last day, seven days, 10 days, and 30 days have tag values. Objects have this tag value as long as the tag value applies to them.
Object Statuses Tag value assigned to objects that are not receiving data.
Collection States Tag value assigned to indicate the object collection state, such as collecting or not collecting.
Health Ranges Good (green), Warning (yellow), Immediate (orange), Critical (red), and Unknown (blue) health statuses have tag values. Each object is assigned the value for its current health status.
Entire Enterprise The only tag value is Entire Enterprise Applications. This tag value is assigned to each application.
Licensing Tag values are License Groups found under Home > Administration > Mangement > Licensing. Objects are assigned to the license groups during VMware Aria Operations installation.
Untag Drag an object to this tag to delete the tag assignment.