An object tag is a type of information, and a tag value is an individual instance of that type of information. If the predefined object tags do not meet your needs, you can create your own object tags to categorize and manage objects in your environment. For example, you can add a tag for cloud objects and add tag values for different cloud names. Then you can assign objects to the cloud name.


Become familiar with the predefined object tags.


  1. From the left menu, click Environment and then, click Inventory.
  2. Click the Manage Tags icon above the list of tags.
  3. Click the Add New Tag icon to add a new row and type the name of the tag in the row.
    For example, type Cloud Objects and click Update.
  4. With the new tag selected, click the Add New Tag Value icon to add a new row and type the name of the value in the row.
    For example, type Video Cloud and click Update.
  5. Click OK to add the tag.
  6. Click the tag to which you want to add objects to display the list of object tag values.
    For example, click Cloud Objects to display the Video Cloud object tag value.
  7. Drag objects from the list in the right pane of the Inventory onto the tag value name.
    You can press Ctrl+click to select multiple individual objects or Shift+click to select a range of objects.
    For example, if you want to assign data centers that are connected through the vCenter Adapter, type vCenter in the search filter and select the data center objects to add.