Synthetic monitoring can report API monitoring and check results in Prometheus metrics format which is pushed to VMware Aria Operations for further analysis, visualization, and alerting purposes.

Where you find Synthetic Monitoring

From the left menu, click Environment > Business Application. On the Business Application page, click the vertical ellipses next to a Business Application name to configure, activate, or deactivate Synthetic Monitoring. Deatcivate Synthetic Monitoring appears only for a Business Application which has Synthetic Monitoring already activated. Activate Synthetic Monitoring appears only for a Business Application which has Synthetic Monitoring already configured.

Synthetic Monitoring Configuration Page

You can add up to 10 APIs for monitoring. Click the ADD NEW API button to add new APIs. The API configuration options appears in the bottom pane.


When you click the ADD NEW API button, you get the following configuration options:

Option Description
API Name

Provide a name for the API call.

API Request Select the HTTP Method and provide the Public Endpoint URL. Options for the API type are:
  • GET
  • POST
Advanced Settings

Set number of API call retry attempts and timeout value.

Headers In the Headers tab, select the content type of the body from the drop-down menu. The options are:
  • application/json
  • application/xml

Provide inputs for the Key and Value and click TEST.

Body In the Body tab, provide the body for API Request.

Enter KEY and VALUE properties

Authentication In the Authentication tab, select a type of authentication for the API from the drop-down menu. The options are:
  • None
  • Basic Authentication
  • Bearer Token
  • OAuth Authentication

When you select a type of authentication apart from None, you get the options to provide credentials. The credentials depend on the authentication type.

Once you provide the authentication type, click TEST to check if VMware Aria Operations can reach the API with the values you provided.

Click TEST to test the API request. Click Save after you provide these values..

VMware Aria Operations monitors the APIs at a frequency displayed in the Frequency property in the top pane after you activate Synthetic Monitoring for the Business Application. Each Business Application can have up to 10 API requests registered. VMware Aria Operations can have up to 20 Business Applications with Synthetic Monitoring activated.

You can view the results of synthetic monitoring in the Synthetic Monitoring tab. See, the topic, Synthetic Monitoring Tab.