The Synthetic Monitoring tab displays the API call monitoring details for business applications that have synthetic monitoring configured and enabled.

The Synthetic Monitoring tab has four panes. The cards in the top pane display the following information:
  • Summary Card - displays a summary of the Synthetic Monitoring configuration.
  • Business Application KPI - Displays the total availability of the all application API calls averaged month to date.

The middle pane displays an overview of the performance status of all the APIs configured along with the average response time. You can select a custom period, or choose preset time periods such as 1 hour, 6 hours, 24 hours, or 7 days.

In the bottom most pane, you can see the status of all the configured API calls with the option of expanding each call. You can view the following information:
  • Total Response Time
  • DNS Lookup
  • TCP Connection
  • TLS Handshake
  • Server Processing
  • Content Transfer

When you define alerts using the metrics or properties which are pushed by Synthetic Monitoring, you can observe the symptom description from the Synthetic Monitoring tab when expanding the API Request row. The Performance on API Calls chart is colored using the criticality of the triggered symptom which is defined on the Response Time metric.