Based on the root cause of the problem, and the solutions that you used to fix the problem, you can create a new alert definition for VMware Aria Operations to alert you. When the alert is triggered on your host system, VMware Aria Operations alerts you and provides recommendations on how to solve the problem.

To alert you before your host systems experience critical capacity problems, and have VMware Aria Operations notify you of problems in advance, you create alert definitions, and add symptom definitions to the alert definition.


  1. From the left menu, click Configure > Alerts, and then in the right pane, click Alert Definitions.
  2. Enter capacity in the search text box.
    Review the available list of capacity alert definitions. If a capacity alert definition does not exist for host systems, you can create one.
  3. Click Add to create a new capacity alert definition for your host systems.
    1. In the alert definition workspace, for the Name and Description, enter Hosts - Alert on Capacity Exceeded.
    2. For the Base Object Type, select vCenter Adapter > Host System
    3. Under Advanced Settings, select the following options.
      Option Selection


      Select Risk.


      Select Immediate.

      Alert Type and Subtype

      Select Application : Capacity.

      Wait Cycle

      Select 1.

      Cancel Cycle

      Select 1.

    4. In the Symptoms/Conditions workspace, select the following options.
      Option Selection

      Defined On

      Select Self.

      Symptom Definition Type

      Select Metric / Property.

      Quick filter (Name)

      Enter capacity.

    5. From the Symptom Definition list, click Host System Capacity Remaining is moderately low and drag it to the left pane.
      In the Symptoms pane, make sure that the Base object exhibits criteria is set to All by default.
    6. For Add Recommendations, enter virtual machine in the quick filter text box.
    7. Click Review the symptoms listed and remove the number of vCPUs from the virtual machine as recommended by the system, and drag it to the recommendations area in the left pane.
      This recommendation is set to Priority 1.
  4. Click Save to save the alert definition.
    Your new alert appears in the list of alert definitions.


You have added an alert definition to have VMware Aria Operations alert you when the capacity of your host systems begins to run out.