The file provides configuration options. You can optionally change the following configuration properties if required.

Table 1. Amazon Web Services Property Settings
Property Description
firstcollecthistoryhours Determines how far in the past to collect data when the adapter starts. The default is 0, meaning no historical collection.
maxquerywindowminutes The maximum query window for collections, in minutes. The default is 60. The adapter asks AWS for metrics for a maximum of this many minutes.
maxhoursback The maximum number of hours back from the current time that the adapter attempts to collect. The default value is 336, or two weeks, because Cloudwatch keeps only two weeks worth of metrics.
includetransient False by default. Set to true to allow the adapter to import known transient objects. Transient objects currently include any EMR job that is set to terminate on completion and all of the supporting cluster EC2 instances that belong to that job.
threadcount Default is 4. Controls how many threads are active while making calls to cloudwatch to get metrics. This threadcount is per region. The total number of threads is this value times the number of regions.
collecttimeout Controls how long the adapter waits for all metric collection calls to return from AWS during a collection cycle. The value is measured in seconds. The default value is 240 seconds, which is in line with the default 5 minute collection cycle.