Configure the AWS in VMware Aria Operations and optionally change its properties to customize the management pack's operation.

An Amazon Web Services account has multiple types of credentials associated with the account. Sign-in credentials are used to access the Amazon Web Services Web-based console, key pairs are used to access EC2 instances, and access keys are used in the REST API that Amazon Web Services exposes.

Because the AWS adapter is based on the REST API, you must use access keys when you set up the adapter. You generate access keys from the Amazon Web Services console. You can create credentials on a per user basis. Access keys are not a username-password pair, but a generated sequence of characters.

Note: While it is not required, it is recommended that you create a guest type account, which has a read-only access to Amazon Web Services, and use the access keys associated with this account. When you create a guest group with default permissions, they do not include read access to the Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) service. You must use the IAM console to add the following permission: