You can monitor and collect metrics for your application services and operating systems.

The following flowchart describes how you can set up VMware Aria Operations for application monitoring in the case of VMs managed by the vCenter Server cloud account.

Flowchart depicts how you can set up application monitoring.

Follow these steps to monitor applications.

  1. Configure cloud proxy on which the AppOS adapter instance is created.

    For more information, see Configuring Cloud Proxies in VMware Aria Operations.

  2. Configure a vCenter Server cloud account that uses the cloud proxy configured in step 1.

    For more information, see Configure a vCenter Server Cloud Account in VMware Aria Operations.

    Note: This step is not applicable for target machines.
  3. Complete all the prerequisites.

    For more information, see Prerequisites.

  4. Install agents on selected target machines.

    For more information, see Install an Agent from the UI or Install/Uninstall an Agent Using a Script on Linux Platforms and Install/Uninstall an Agent Using a Script on a Windows Platform.

  5. Activate an application service.

    For more information, see Activate an Application Service.

  6. View the summary of application services and operating systems discovered in VMware Aria Operations.

    For more information about monitoring your applications in VMware Aria Operations, see Summary of Discovered and Supported Operating Systems and Application Services.