VMware Aria Operations is regularly updated. These updates ensure continuous delivery of new features and bug fixes.

Before VMware Aria Operations is updated, you receive an email. You also receive a notification in the VMware Cloud Services Platform (CSP). The email and notifications are sent out to org owners at the following intervals:
  • 72 and 24 hours before the upgrade
  • Just before the upgrade starts
  • After the upgrade is complete

To ensure that you receive these email notifications, ensure that donotreply@vmware.com is added to your email allow list.

Important: During upgrades:
  • Do not create content because it will not be persisted. This includes new dashboards, views, reports, alerts, symptom definitions and custom groups.
  • Alerts and reports generated during maintenance period are not persisted, but are sent out to an external system if they are configured to do so.
  • Metric collection continues during the maintenance period, except during the last 15 minutes.
  • The VMware Aria Operations UI and APIs are available during the maintenance period, except during the last 5 minutes.

For more information about the VMware Aria Operations updates, see the release notes.