VMware Aria Subscription is a cloud-based service, which monitors and manages VMware Cloud subscription usage for cloud services and products. This service provides options to purchase standalone VMware Aria Suite and VMware Tanzu services, VMware Cloud Universal service from VMware or AWS, or the VMware Aria Operations for Networks service.

This flowchart illustrates how you can purchase new subscriptions and access VMware Aria Universal Suite to activate and onboard your subscriptions.

Aria Universal Suite onboarding workflow

Customer who have an active VMware Aria Universal Suite deployment with per CPU contracts will experience some changes with the latest release. Customers can have both per-CPU and per-core billing implementations in their vRCU environments, based on their purchase agreements.

In current releases, VMware Aria Subscription uses a conversion ratio to figure pricing based on license counts. CPUs subscriptions are converted to cores based on a calculation of 1 CPU-> 32 cores. The original start and end dates remain the same, but customers should renew at the end of their term with total core quantity. No license swap is required, but customers must upgrade on-premise products to the new version, and they must accept and agree to the conversion ratio. Consult your VMware sales representative if you have questions about possible need to purchase additional core licenses.

For information on VMware Aria Universal Suite (previously known as VMware vRealize Cloud Universal), go to Getting Started with VMware Aria Universal Suite.