vRealize Cloud Universal is a SaaS cloud management suite that combines automation, operations, and log analytics into one license. vRealize Cloud Universal is a significant evolution of the VMware vRealize cloud management solution, and it is poised to accelerate customer’s digital transformation journey. With vRealize Cloud Universal, you have several options to activate your vRealize Cloud Universal services. You can switch your licenses when you upgrade from on-premise to subscriptions to maintain compliances with the cloud service. This guide also describes how to install vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager and Cloud Proxy for new or existing vRealize Cloud deployment.

The diagram in this section illustrates how to activate vRealize Cloud Universal on-premise license and then connect vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager on-premise license to vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager.

If you want to learn more about vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, see vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager documentation. For more information about vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager, see vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager documentation.