You can start a pre-validation check from the product UI before upgrading an existing product. You can also evaluate product upgrades and allow upgrade operations later and validate the product compatibility matrix.

For more information on upgrading VMware Aria Suite products, see Upgrade a VMware Aria Suite Product.


Verify that you already have an existing VMware Aria Suite product in your environment.


  1. On the Lifecycle Operations page, click Manage Environments.
  2. Right-click the vertical ellipses of an existing VMware Aria Suite product and select Upgrade.
    The compatibility matrix information is loaded with new, compatible, and incompatible versions relative to the product to be upgraded.
  3. In the Product details section, select the repository type.
    Repository type Description
    VMware Repository When you select this option, the latest versions of the VMware Aria Suite products are displayed in the compatibility matrix table. You can see this option only on VMware Aria Automation. Although, the compatibility matrix information is populated at the VMware Aria Suite level, the latest versions might not be available for VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle. The Check Available Version option displays only the latest version number with its associated build number.
    Repository URL When you select this option, you can manually add the local upgrade file location in the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle virtual appliance.
    VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Repository When you select this option, you can select the upgrade path available after mapping the binaries through VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.
    Note: The VMware Aria Operations upgrade contains a Run Assessment option. The Run Assessment option checks for VMware Aria Operations upgrade readiness. The compatibility matrix information is populated relative to the selected version of VMware Aria Operations.
  4. Click Next and then click Run Pre-check.
    When the pre-check validation is finished, download the report to view the checks and validation status.
    Note: If you want to run the pre-check again after evaluating the discrepancies, select the Re-Run Pre Check. You also re-run the pre-check operation by using the Submit toggle button.
  5. Click Next and then click Submit.
  6. If any VMware Aria Automation IaaS component upgrades fail, complete the following steps:
    1. Revert all the Infrastructure components back to the post-upgrade VA snapshot.
    2. Revert the MS SQL database back to its pre-upgraded state.
    3. Click Retry from VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle and set Upgrade Iaas Using CLI to True.
    4. Click Submit.