This document provides instruction regarding how to download and install the Rules Installer. In addition, the rapid configs and yara rules included with the Rules Installer are listed and described in detail.

Beginning with App Control 8.1.4, agent installers and the rule file that determines their behavior are no longer included as part of an App Control Server installation. You upload rule installer packages separately after you install the server. This allows VMware Carbon Black more flexibility to make new and improved rules available to you independent of server releases.

: You must install at least version 8.1.4 CB Protection Server before using the Rules Installer.

Customers who are performing a fresh (non-upgrade) installation of the VMware Carbon Black App Control Server will need to install the Rules Installer before deploying agents. For customers upgrading the App Control Server, we strongly recommend that you install the latest Rules Installer after the server upgrade.

See: Installing Rapid Configs

Note: You can obtain the latest App Control downloads and documentation on VMware Docs: Release Information and Downloads

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Intended Audience

This documentation provides user instructions for administrators, incident responders, and others who will operate Carbon Black App Control.

Staff who manage Carbon Black App Control activities should be familiar with operating systems, web applications, installed software, desktop infrastructure (especially in-house procedures for software roll-outs, patch management, and anti-virus software maintenance), and the effects of unwanted software.

In addition, if you intend to use features that integrate App Control and Active Directory, you should be familiar with Active Directory concepts and use. Although not necessary for day-to-day users, knowledge of SQL Server management is required for the administrator of the App Control database server at your site.

App Control administrators should also be familiar with the operating systems of clients managed by the App Control server, as well as the software installed on them.