This section covers the basics of using the Carbon Black App Control Console: how to log in and out, how to navigate in the user interface from the Home page and menu system, and how to view the information Carbon Black App Control makes available to you through tables, details pages, and dashboards.

Mastering the information and tasks in this section will give you a head start on all other Carbon Black App Control activities described in this guide.

Note: Unified Management: The Unified Management option adds user interface elements not described here. See Unified Management of Multiple Servers for instructions on setting up and using this capability.
Note: The console user interface is documented based on users having full permissions. Features available to a specific user depend upon that user’s account privileges. Any permissions that are turned off will remove related user interface elements. Consider making users with restricted permissions aware of this so that they are not confused by the absence of features described in App Control help. See Managing Console Login Accounts for details.