Each console page that contains tables provides a specific type of information, such as a table of files, a table of computers, or a table of events.

On many pages, you can choose among different “views,” which limit the data on that page to certain parameters, and you can create new views that suit your need. A table page may have one or more of the following features:

  • Tabs switch you from one major subset of information on the page to another. For example, on the Files page, one tab shows the Files Catalog and another shows the Files on Computers table.
  • Filters allow you to limit data in a table to items matching criteria you specify. For example, you can filter a files table to show only those with a particular approval or ban state, or only those with a particular Threat level. Filters can be used with or without saving the views they create.
  • Column controls allow you to show different information about each item in a table. For example, you can eliminate a column showing the date a file was created but add one that indicates whether anyone has executed the file. As with filters, special column configurations can be incorporated into Saved Views or just used in passing.
  • Saved Views can filter out unwanted items from the table and also can change the types (columns) of data shown for each item. The Carbon Black App Control Console provides pre-configured Saved Views, and you also can create your own. Not all pages have Saved Views.
  • Group By gives you a menu of choices for different ways to group information in a table. For example, on the Computers page, you can group by Policy, which creates a list of policies, each of which you can click on to show all computers in that policy.
  • Max age allows you to limit the results shown in a table to those covering a period of time you select on the menu.

You can choose to have the console return each page to its default view when you navigate away from it and come back, or you can have the console “remember” your most recent page view choices and apply them when you next visit the page. See Preference Settings for Console Users for more details.