You can locally approve files from any console table that shows file instances, including:

  • Files on Computers tab on the Files page, which shows instances of tracked files on every agent-managed computer on your network
  • Any file view of a Baseline Drift Report Results page
  • Find Files page when you have search results displayed

You might discover that one or more files you thought were present during Carbon Black App Control Agent initialization were missing, and as a result, those files are not locally approved. A missing file can be a standalone executable or a file whose absence prevents an application from running. If you can identify the missing files and put them on the computer, you can locally approve them on an instance-by-instance basis.


If you are looking for a particular file on one computer, you can add a Computer filter to your Find Files query and enter the computer name. The resulting search finds the file only on the computer you entered.

You can use filters on any of these pages to get exactly the list of files you want, or one particular file.