Several Saved Views are available on the Events page. In any view, you can use the Show Filter and Show Columns buttons to customize what you see; for example, showing events for a particular platform. You can also use the Show buttons to determine whether a table you are viewing has been modified.

If you want a special report for one time use, you can make the customizations, view the results, and not save the changes. If you have made unsaved changes, a message next to the Saved Views menu reports that and offers you the option of discarding the changes. Depending upon the setting for Remember Page Settings on the console User Settings page, when you leave and return to the Events page, your view can be filtered to show these customizations even when not saved.

To save a custom report, use the Saved View panel and either save it under the an existing Saved View name (if it is not a built-in report) or under a new name.

You can cache the events in a custom Saved View for later examination. Cache processing occurs overnight when it is less likely to compete with other activities. The resulting cached view loads load more quickly and efficiently than it would if you had to redo the search and extract the same data in real time. See Caching Events for Later Viewing.

For more information on console table features, see Console Tables.