One way to monitor events is to use the Event Reports portlet on the console Home Page.

The summary provides basic data from and links to the following four predefined Saved Views on the Events page – the views are described in more detail in Viewing Reports on the Events Page:

  • New installations (Windows only)
  • New unapproved files
  • Blocked files (Banned)
  • Blocked files (Unapproved)

The portlet shows the number of files and/or computers involved in events of each type over the previous 24 hours. This data is updated when you display or refresh the page, and you can get the full report by clicking the report name.

To display the Home page daily event summary: on the Dashboards menu, click Home Page. By default, the Event Reports portlet displays in the lower left of the page. From the Event Reports portlet, click a report name to see the full report on the Events page. See Viewing Reports on the Events Page.

Note: You can create custom event portlets for display on the Home Page or another dashboard. See Using and Customizing Dashboards for details.