The server installer uses standard installation dialogs. During installation, you specify system configuration information for the server and optionally provide your own web-server certificate. You must log in as a Windows administrator to install the App Control Server.

The system on which you install the server must have an IP address that is visible to all computers running the App Control Agent, with a fully qualified DNS domain name or alias. In addition, to use Active Directory integration features without special configuration, the App Control Server must be installed in the same AD forest as:

  • users you plan to allow App Control Console access via their AD login
  • computers and users whose AD information you plan to use for automatic security policy assignment
Important: If you need to have the App Control Server in a different AD forest than computers and users you want to use in App Control integrations, contact Carbon Black Support for special instructions.

If you are installing a completely new App Control Server, follow the steps in Installing a New App Control Server.

If you are installing new App Control Server software with a backup database from a previous version, skip to Installing the Server with a Restored or Reconnected Database.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of the App Control Server (including Bit Platform and Parity Servers), skip to Upgrading from a Previous App Control Version. You also might receive a supplemental document with newer instructions for an upgrade from your Carbon Black Support representative.

Important: Several App Control Server administrative features are disabled by a reinstallation or upgrade of the server. When an upgrade installation is complete, log in to the console and re-enable the ones you use:
  • System backup is disabled. To re-enable, go to the Advanced Options tab on the System Configuration page.
  • Automatic upgrades of agents are disabled. To re-enable, go to the Advanced Options tab of the System Configuration page. This should be done only after determining and configuring an upgrade plan that avoids excess load on the server and network. You should also check the Carbon Black User Exchange for new agent and rule versions to upload to your server.
  • See Review Post-Upgrade Server Configuration for more details about re-enabling features after an upgrade.