Health indicators are color coded to show the state of the parameter or resource they monitor.

The colors and their states are:

  • Gray – When an indicator is gray, the condition it is monitoring is healthy (or is strictly informational and does not have a health rating); no action is required.
  • Yellow – When an indicator is yellow, the condition it is monitoring is borderline, and you should follow up and take action if necessary.
  • Red – When an indicator is red, the condition it is monitoring is in a critical state and action is required.
    Note: If the Carbon Black App Control Server determines that an indicator is not relevant in your environment, that indicator might not be displayed.

When an indicator is showing anything less than a healthy state, it is considered “triggered”, and a triggered indicator shows its state in multiple locations, including the list of indicators on the Summary tab view, and on the tab itself and the list of indicators for the view in which the indicator appears. In addition, a description of the problem and the length of time it has existed appear in the details section of the tab view, and an alert is triggered to warn of the issue.

Image of the System Health page indicating that the memory is too low