The Advanced tab of the System Configuration page includes settings that remove offline computers from the list of managed computers. You can either choose to remove any computer from the console after it is offline for a certain period of time or you can set filters that selectively remove computers.

If you leave the Clone Cleanup configuration for each template on Manual, you can use the filtered global cleanup methods to remove offline clones. If you set an automatic cleanup method for one or more templates and set one of the global removal methods, offline clones will be removed whenever they meet either rule.

Create a Global Cleanup Rule for Offline Clones

Use this procedure to create a global cleanup rule for offline clones.


  1. On the console menu, click the configuration (gear) icon and choose System Configuration. The System Configuration page appears.
  2. Click the Advanced Options tab. The Advanced Options configuration page appears.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. In the Old Computer Cleanup panel, configure the Computers Matching Filter field to delete clone computers after an amount of time you specify:
    1. Check the box to the right of Computers Matching Filter.
    2. Enter the number of days offline after which you want the computers deleted from the console Computers page.
    3. On the Add Filter menu, choose an appropriate filter. For example, choose Parent Template and in the menu that appears next to Parent Template, choose is not empty. This assures that any computer with a template will be deleted. You also can choose Virtualized and check the Yes box to cleanup all virtual machines (whether or not they are clones) but not any clones created by other means. Or, you can choose Virtual Platform and enter VMware in the field to cleanup VMware computers.
    The Old Computer Cleanup settings.
  5. To save the changes, click the Update button and click Yes on the confirmation dialog.