If you create and retire virtual machines on demand in the environment managed by Carbon Black App Control, you will want to make sure that old clones no longer in use do not remain on the Computers page.

For example, you might have virtual machines automatically revert to their snapshot on a timed basis or every login, or you might frequently update the template image for your clones. App Control offers several ways of cleaning up old clones.

Manual cleanup
If you choose, you can leave all cleanup to manual methods, periodically deleting offline clones through the Template Details page.
Automatic cleanup for all clones
You can configure a cleanup rule that deletes offline clone computers on a schedule. You can delete all offline clone computers or only those matching a particular filter. For example, you could delete all computers that are running in a virtualized environment and are offline for more than 5 days.
Automatic cleanup per template
You can configure different cleanup rules for different templates.

As with regular, non-clone computers, the file inventory for a deleted clone is deleted 24 hours after the clone is deleted.