The Devices Attachment Details page shows information about the history of attachment between one device instance and one computer.

Viewing Details for One Device Instance describes the fields shown on this page.

The Device Attachment Details page with the Related Views menu and the Actions menu

The Device Attachment Details page includes an Action menu and a Related Views menu.

The Action menu includes commands for approving and banning this device instance, and for removing approvals and bans. The commands that appear depend on the current state of the device. See Approving or Banning Device Instances for more information about using these commands.

The Related Views menu provides links to the following information:

  • Model details – Goes to the Device Model Details page for this device, which shows both information about the model itself and the default rule definitions for the model.
  • All computers with this device – Filters the Devices on Computers table to show all computers to which this device instance has been attached.
  • All events for this device – Goes to the Events page and filters it to show all events related to this device instance (by serial number) on this computer, including its initial discovery and any time it has been attached or detached from a computer.