This section describes how to use the Find Files page to locate or verify the existence of specific executable files on computers running the Carbon Black App Control Agent. Find Files locates instances of files, not their listings in the File Catalog.

Note: If you have enabled Unified Management, you can use the management server to search multiple Carbon Black App Control Servers at once. See Unified Management of Multiple Servers.

The Carbon Black App Control Server keeps track of all “interesting” files on all connected computers running the Carbon Black App Control Agent, in near-real-time. Because of this live inventory, you can quickly locate a file or group of files matching a name, hash, or other criteria available in the database for your Carbon Black App Control Server. For offline computers, the file inventory includes all files from the last time the computers were connected.

This section focuses on the Find Files page, which opens by default with a filter that allows you to search for a file by name. You can add filters to fine-tune the results you get, and for many searches, you can create a Saved View. ISome other console pages include a Find Files button or link that displays Find File results for a particular file on the page.

  • You can search for file instances on the Files on Computers tab of the Files page, although you must add all filters manually, including the file name filter.
  • Some features allow you to exclude files from the file inventory; excluded files might not appear in search results. See the Overview in File, Publisher, and Application Information for details.