If you have multiple Carbon Black App Control servers, you can centralize the management of those servers. Unified Management allows you to specify that one server can control many common management functions for any connected Carbon Black App Control servers.

You might choose this option for one or more reasons, including:

  • You need to host local Carbon Black App Control servers in several different regional locations, but want to manage some of their functions from a central server.
  • You want to have different types of endpoints (for example, servers, desktops, POS systems) reporting to different servers while still having the capability of managing certain rules or functions from a central server.
  • You would like to spread your endpoint management load among smaller Carbon Black App Control servers and databases rather than doing all of the processing and storage through one very large server. For example, you might have regional offices with lower capacity network connections that can’t support pushing all endpoint data to a central location.

In any of these situations, Unified Management provides the ability to execute some of the primary Carbon Black App Control Console functions from a centralized location and have it affect all of your Carbon Black App Control servers or just selected servers. All Carbon Black App Control licenses that include Control features can use Unified Management.

Both the management server and the client servers it manages must be at v8.0.0 or greater to use this feature.