You can monitor and manage devices by serial number. Managing devices by serial number provides a way to control specific devices for which you might want different treatment than others devices of the same model.

Important: There are scenarios where a device with the same serial number can be connected to multiple machines. For example:
  • VMs can have virtual disks with the name serial number, especially if they're from the same template.
  • USB sticks are often used in multiple machines, especially in an office environment.

Tip: The Computer Count field will be greater than 1 if an individual serialized device is used on more than one computer.

You can:

  • View the full list of unique device serial numbers in Devices>Devices by Serial Number.
  • View complete information about one device instance on the Device Details page. You also can see other information related to a device through Related Views.
  • View a list of all computers using that serialized device on the Devices on Computers page.
  • Approve, ban, and remove approvals or bans from either the Devices by Serial Number or the Device Details page.